God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4)

Speaking from personal experience, Nick ask us what drives our motivations. Am I acting like I’m an orphan from God, or a child of God? As we embrace the need for humility, and the character change it brings, we will find it’s easier this way – God gives the grace we need.

The Power of the tongue (James 3:2-12)

Marjorie reflected on how our words have power, mentally, spiritually and practically. The power can be negative or positive, and we can train our hearts and heads to produce the right kind of reactions, through God’s spirit in us. She challenged us to ask: are our words language bringing forth life or adding to death? Are we […]

Trials, perseverence, bravery and joy – the stuff of life (James 1)

Marjorie shares from James chapter 1 how Christians are empowered to be able to persevere through seasons of life which are challenging and how this builds our characters and faith. How can we still be joyful during suffering and trials? Because rather than a “hopeless end” ahead, Christians have “endless hope”.